Various bingo games on New Bingo Sites

Online bingo is played and enjoyed by thousands of players from all over the world. The fact of the matter is that this is one of the more popular games available online and with more people flocking to online bingo it’s imperative that companies keep things fresh by offering variations of the game to keep people happy and satisfied with the overall game play. The best thing about playing on new online bingos is the convenience that it offers especially for those that have little time to drive to their local bingo halls due to work or hectic schedule.

Also the variation that you will find when playing online bingo is much better than if you were to play locally. Variation can keep the game interesting and for those that get bored easily will definitely benefit by playing online. Most online bingo companies offer a wide variety of games to choose from including 90 balls, 75 balls, 80 balls, coverall and much more. Each of these games has a specific set of rules and requires that you complete a specific sequence or pattern in order to win the game. Since playing the same game over and over its best to check out what the variety has to offer you before deciding what company and what games to play.

75 Ball Bingo Games

The 75 Ball Bingo games is one of the more traditional bingo games that is found in the United States and Canada but has made its way to other countries as well. This particular game provides columns that are broken up by letters that spell out B-I-N-G-O and each have their own numbers. For example the B column the balls will be 1-15, the I has the numbers 16-30, the N column has the numbers 31 – 45, the G column has the numbers 46 – 60 and the O column has the numbers 61 – 75. Each bingo card is typically a square grid that is 5×5 which has a free spot in the middle. The free spot can be used to make achieving your bingo easier since it sits in the middle of your card and gives you a head start on the bingo. The games that usually use the 75 Bingo Ball include a coverall, straight line bingo, any bingo which can be a straight line or diagonal, four corners, X, T, six pack, block of nine and other similar games.

90 Ball Bingo Games

The 90 Ball Bingo games is one of the more traditional options and are loved by players from various locations especially in Europe. This game offers bingo cards which consist of 3 horizontal rows and 9 columns. Each row has 5 numbers, totaling 15 numbers on each card all ranging in between 1-90. The games are each divided into three sections, one line, two lines and a full house. The jackpot is associated with getting the full house, which may be won once all the numbers on the ticket are called. A different and much quicker variation of this game is also known as speed bingo or quickie which is loved by players that are looking for a fast game of online bingo.

80 ball bingo Games

The 80 ball bingo game is a slightly newer version of bingo and is a mixture of the 75 and 80 ball bingo games. This game offers players the ability to play with cards that offer 4 horizontal lines and 4 columns, with each column marked by separate color. Similar to the 75 pattern bingo this version is played with various patterns especially with the X shape and the 4 squares.

The coverall bingo often takes longer than other types of games and often offers a higher payout. If you are looking to play online bingo games that are easy to understand and requires no real pattern you should definitely consider playing the coverall bingo. Regardless of which version you are playing you will need to cover the entire card in order to get a bingo. Many online casinos offer a jackpot if you get the coverall before specific amounts of numbers are called and if so you win that progressive pot. If no one has a bingo within this timeframe then the person that gets a bingo will be paid a smaller amount and the coverall progressive amount will continue to rise until someone gets it on future games. This games simplicity is what attracts many players and is one of the most common games that often ends a bingo session online and at local bingo halls.

The games listed here are just a few variations of bingo games that are available online. If you are looking to find variety then playing bingo online is the best option for you. You can find various online casinos or bingo halls that have game running 24/7 available at all different prices which means you have the ability to enjoy all of your favorite games from the comfort of your home and at a price that you can afford. Why bother wasting money to drive to your local bingo hall to only play a few games that you actually enjoy when you can play only the games that you like when playing online.

Play online bingo to enjoy convenience, free game play, bonuses and being rewarded for being a loyal player. Whether it’s your first real money deposit or one of many most online bingo places and casinos reward you with monthly bonuses for just playing on their site. You will often be given free bingo cards or cash when you first signup as a welcome gift and then a match bonus for any first time depositors that will match the bonus up to a specific amount. Make sure that you always read the fine print on each of these websites to find out what restrictions or guidelines may apply so you can collect your free money as well as promotions that are offered. With so many freebies and online bingo variation you will love what playing online has to offer you.

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