UK Bookmakers
premiere league betting

Most punters in the world today have turned to sports wagering especially the popular English Premier League. A huge array of UK based bookmakers have recognized this fact and offered fantastic betting markets to soccer fans which has resulted to a great customer experience.

Below is an introduction to the Barclays Premier League in most UK bookmakers.

Since there are so many options available, the best way to get started is through selecting your favorite team which you’re going to focus on. If you select, let’s say Liverpool, you’ll have various options to place your wagers. You can decide to back “The Reds” to win the Premier League even before the season begins something referred to as “futures betting”.

Different UK bookmakers offer different sign-up promotions which soccer punters should consider before opening an account. Sportbooks such as Bet365, Extrabet, Sportingbet and TitanBet offer some of the best sign-up promotions for Premier League fans giving them more chances of winning.

Through identifying the most reliable UK bookmakers, punters can now wager on per match betting where you can predict whether or not your favorite team (in this case Liverpool) will win or lose a match. Check on the betting markets in each bookmaker to test whether they’re competitive or not. There is a wide array of betting markets offered by most bookmakers such as; which player will score first goal, how many goals will a particular player score, which exact position will your team finish the season at or which player will be awarded the golden boot among others.

You can also check on the betting Odds offered by different bookmakers. Some bookies offer very competitive Odds which gives punters more chances of winning. For instance, if you’re betting on which player will score a goal, some bookmakers may offer higher Odds to defenders and midfielders and lower Odds to forwards something which can earn you huge payouts if you bet on a defender and win.